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walls are down upstairs

One of the things we wanted to accomplish with this project was to make the library feel more open. All those little rooms upstairs made the main space feel like a long tunnel, especially at night with the fluorescent lights on. Now that the walls are down, I can really see how much difference it will make to have views out both sides of the building. We’ll have light coming from both north and south,  and everyone will be able to see the trees in one direction and the river in the other. It’s also fun to have a clearer view of the building’s skeleton, the wonderful steel beams that arch across the ceiling.second floor during demolition

Instead of having several study tables set up, as we did before, we’re installing a long counter along the half-wall (to the left in this photo). Up to 12 people will be able to sit at the counter to study, use their laptops, or just enjoy the view out the windows over the River Raisin.

I’m looking forward to that myself! Once the project is done, don’t be surprised if you find the occasional staff person upstairs, working where there’s a great view.

Now that the walls are down, less exciting things will happen. The electrician will come in to move switches. They’ll patch the drywall and paint where needed. And now we need to finish clearing out a couple of rooms on the main floor so that they can begin work in the staff areas!


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