we have switches!

The electrician has been working on reswitching the lights this week. Now that the upstairs is one big room, instead of 3 offices and a big hall, we only need a couple of light switches. There’s also a mystery wire that has to be moved, but no one’s quite sure what it’s for, so they haven’t touched it just yet.

The Mercer team has finished patching the drywall around the edges where the walls used to be and everything is looking great. The painter should be here today to start touching up the areas that need it.

We had the carpet crew in yesterday, pulling up the old carpet tile upstairs. The floor’s kind of sticky now and doesn’t look very nice, but it’s good to be ahead on that task. They’ll be able to lay the new stuff quickly in a couple of weeks when it’s time to get started.

Next on the list: demolishing old countertops in the technical services room, and installing new countertops and millwork upstairs and in offices.

We have a brochure available at the front desk that outlines the project, including the days we’ll be closed in December. A PDF version of the brochure is available here, if you’d like to download it: remodeling brochure.

In brief, we’ll have to be entirely closed for a few days to move books and shelves for carpet installation. The days we’ll be closed are…

Thurs-Fri, Dec 6-7 (working on the juvenile collection and around the circulation desk)
Thurs-Fri, Dec 13-14 (working on adult fiction and non-fiction)
Wed-Thurs-Fri, Dec  19-20-21 (working on adult non-fiction, offices, and new books and periodicals area)
And then we’ll be closed Dec 24-25 for Christmas, but open again on the 26th.

Any items checked out in the next month will have due dates that are adjusted for the closings (for example, if your book would normally be due on Thursday the 6th, the due date will be adjusted to Saturday the 8th).

We will be open 10-4 every Saturday in December to provide access to the library, including the Saturday before Christmas. And if you need to return something, use one of our two book drops — one here in front of the library, and a second book drop in front of the Fredonia Grocery in Freedom Township.

So far everything is going along on schedule, perhaps even a little ahead of schedule.

On a related note, the road construction on Hibbard is very nearly finished. They’re now laying the pavement. We’ve been able to park in the parking lots yesterday and today, although a couple of folks were asked to wait a few minutes before leaving the lot (brand new pavement has to sit for a short time before it can be driven on). The workers have to finish for the day when it gets dark, so if you come to the library between 6 and 8 you can park in the front lot and get in and out with no trouble.

The work should be complete within a day or two.


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