LB and LEGOs

LEGOs LB Hilbert 003Manchester resident and Library patron, LB Hilbert recently shared with me his earliest memory of LEGOs. His step-father took him to Macy’s in New York City when he was eight or nine years old. Of special note was an enormous display of LEGOs and a man proclaiming LEGOs unbreakable. Up for the challenge, LB told the man how to break a LEGO and promptly demonstrated by smashing a brick with his foot. LB and his step-father quickly left.

LB also recalls trips to FAO Schwarz’s flagship store in New York City where the entire second floor was dedicated to LEGOs. More recently, he has enjoyed displays at The Henry Ford and an exhibit in Grand Rapids dedicated to grand scale architecture made of LEGOs. Other fascinating displays of LEGOs can be found at LEGO stores. Giant models at the stores are larger than life. To enter a LEGO store is to enter an alternate universe. Bright colors, shiny plastic, and endless bricks would grab anyone’s attention.

These days, LB looks forward to building rather than destroying the bricks. He recently shared many of his models with Manchester District Library where they are on display. Among the models, you will see two of his passions: Star Wars models which he began to build about ten years ago and Technic sets which have moveable parts. He loves the gears and many other working parts on larger models.

The sets he builds are gifts from his wife. LB enjoys the building process so much that he once worked 36 hours straight to complete a model. The wordless assembly instructions artfully detail every single step, and if followed, provide amazing vehicles and structures. After assembly, LB plays with the model, enjoys the creation, and eventually packs his finished set carefully in a box filled with packing peanuts.

LEGOs LB Hilbert 005MDL is pleased to have LB’s models out of the peanut stuffed boxes and on display. We are also very happy to welcome him our LEGO Playtime on October 15. If you have never attended this weekly library program, we have loads of LEGOs to share. Children enjoy this unstructured play time building and interacting with each other. At the end of each session, children are invited to place their creations on display until the next Wednesday. If you have interest in LEGOs, please join LB at the library on October 15, at 3:30pm.

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