Staff Book Review: What Has Become of You

What Has Become of You by Jan Elizabeth Watson (available at Manchester District Library)

What Has Become of You coverreviewed by Manchester District Library staff member Mireille Prusak

This is a taut, disturbing literary thriller about a dysfunctional teacher-student relationship.

Vera Lundy is a socially awkward substitute English teacher at an exclusive girls’ school in Maine who identifies a bit too closely (and perhaps unwisely) with one of her students. When a series of murders and disappearances of young girls starts happening in the town, she falls under suspicion.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I was drawn in from the first chapter and the action moves along so briskly—while keeping the questions coming constantly—that I had a hard time putting it down, even to sleep, and finished it in two days. The plot is smart and the characters are well-developed and believably drawn, to the point that I wanted to give them advice and I found myself physically cringing when they made bad decisions (and they made a lot of bad decisions). The ending was creepy and surprising yet still believable.

4/5 stars

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