2014 Children’s Summer Reading

FIZZ_BOOM_READ_logo PrimaryManchester District Library’s Summer Reading Program kickoff is Friday June 13th. Registration begins at 1pm and Zeemo the Yo-Yo Man’s performance begins at 2pm. Don’t worry if you are unable to be there for the first day of registration, the program runs through July 25, and participants can sign up any time they visit the library after the kickoff.

The 2014 children’s theme is “Fizz, Boom, Read!” and for the teens “Spark a Reaction”. The Library has science kits available for check out with everything you need to have a wonderful science experience and go along with the science theme of summer reading.

Students’ reactions to summer reading range from seeing it as an assignment to reading is a welcome activity; to some, reluctant or challenged readers in particular, reading can seem like a chore. Manchester District Library has books for reluctant readers to entice their curiosity to read. Keep in mind that children learn by example. Take the time to read with your children every day and provide a good example by signing up for our adult summer reading program. Through simple acts like reading your book in the backyard you can demonstrate that reading is both fun and important.

Have fun with children reading cereal boxes, restaurant menus, or signs as you drive in your car. Encourage your child to read broadly. Encourage your child to read different authors and subjects to expand their knowledge. Know your child’s reading level. Remember each child has an independent reading level. Book choices for independent summer reading selections should be at the level where your child can read most of the words and easily understand the story. This is a good time to read together to develop comprehension skills.

Children who do not participate in some type of reading during the summer lose two months of reading development thus in September, they will be struggling to read at their grade level.

Manchester Library’s summer reading program has all the guidance you need to make reading interesting and fun. We would like this to be our biggest signup year!

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