Mireille Prusak – April Artist of the Month

Moonlight Faery


Imaginative and artistic soul Mireille Prusak has been employed at Manchester District Library for three years. When not reading or working, Mireille dabbles in creative ventures including decorating, collecting art, herbalism, and writing. She has written a great number of short stories and is currently working on a full length novel.

As all writers admit to, with varying honesty, writer’s block happens.  A common recommendation for this is to step away from a project and do anything else which is creative. A few years ago, Mireille rekindled her interest in making jewelry as a way to battle the block. The hobby was something she learned from books with college roommates.

Originally, pieces were made for herself, but Mireille says she can’t wear that much jewelry and the sales support her desire to create more. Materials for her jewelry are purchased at a variety of craft and bead stores.  Among her favorite supply venues are Middle Bead in Chelsea and Findings in Ann Arbor.

In writing and jewelry making both, Mireille has an affinity for fairy tales. Satisfaction through the written word is two-dimensional. However, as with the birth of a child, creations of jewelry can transform from a thought to three dimensional reality bringing a satisfying joy to the artist. Highlighted with crystals and other sparkling elements, Mireille’s jewelry is inspired by her fascination with fairies and evokes her fantasy world. Her favorite piece is a long necklace dangling a quartz with which Mireille feels an attachment.Throat Chakra

The library Flower Powerwelcomes everyone to see Mireille’s work which will be on display through the month of April. On April 23, 6-8pm Mireille will be available to speak about her creative hobbies and in particular, about her jewelry. Most of the jewelry is for sale. If you see something you would like, please ask.

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