New Date and Time to Meet Aaron Bushaw, March Artist of the Month

pale yellowAaron Bushaw is a local, self-taught, working-class artist. Since his school days, Aaron has dabbled in many mediums but never loved any particular one enough to stick with it. Recently returning to art (Aaron put it aside for a time) he now focuses on collages made from print media and may finally have discovered that medium he loves.

greenA challenge to Aaron’s method is the lack of control. He begins the journey perusing print media in search of a starting point for a new creation and then seeks images that match. With no intended direction, this art evolves in unplanned ways.

Husband and father to two young boys, time is also a limiting factor. Aaron’s art progresses in fits and starts at his home studio where he plays with images as he has the opportunity and when inspiration is available. Spreading out, leaving work unglued, taking his time, and seeking out the opinion of sons Oliver and Henry, some of Aaron’s pieces take an entire month to reach completion.

grayIn addition to classes taken at Dexter High School and Washtenaw Community College, Aaron attributes much to artistic friends and the support of Dee Miles. According to Aaron, “Dee and her Art Jam group at the Wild Acorn have been very important to my growth as an artist and have helped me realize my talent and worth as such. I cannot thank them enough.”

Originally scheduled for March 26, the public is invited to meet Aaron at the Manchester District Library on a new date, Monday, March 31, 6:30-8pm. His work, playful collages with playful and twisted themes are on view at the library this month.

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