Anne Geeks People


Ask Anne Buckalew what she likes about working at the library, and she’ll tell you right away it’s the people.

In college she majored in sociology and psychology, fields that are all about people. She’s worked at the library in a couple of different capacities over the years and is currently working as the Director’s administrative assistant, but whether she’s helping with a program or working at the desk, she says that everybody she meets here has great stories. She firmly believes that everyone has important knowledge and ideas to share, and everyone has something to teach.

Anne has always been a reader — she calls borrowing books a “familial affliction.” Her grandmother would shop for books with the bestseller list in hand, and then the rest of the family would pass them around. She’s long been a fiction reader (she just finished At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks), but lately she’s been branching out. Her current read is the classic guide to conflict The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

About Heather Sturm

Director at Manchester District Library
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