Jeff Geeks Golf

Jeff Wallace, Manager, Village of Manchester


Hometown boy and Village Manager Jeff Wallace geeks golf. Along with childhood friends, Jeff began by hitting golf balls at Carr Park and getting rides from moms to play at a nearby course. In high school, he switched from baseball to the high school golf team.

Jeff has many reasons for his geek of golf. It is a challenging game and social activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and it can therefore be pursued as a lifelong activity. Camaraderie can be shared with old friends and developed with new friends. An individual can work at improving his game. Jeff also enjoys the opportunity of sharing golf, and the time it takes, with his sons.

Elementary school summers for Jeff consisted of baseball with friends and frequent walks to the Manchester Township Library for books, books, and more books. In middle school, Jeff spent more time on the second floor of the old library where periodicals for research were located. Jeff is still a frequent visitor to the library today and his work office is located in the same building as the Manchester District Library. The New York Times, The Washington Post, biographies, and books by John Grisham are his go to reads now.

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