Joan Geeks Growing Garlic

Joan Paskewitz, Manchester District Library Board of Trustees, Secretary


Joan Paskewitz has kept a garden during most of her adult life. Her father grew up on a farm and maintained a large garden when she was growing up. They always had plenty of fresh food. He once stated that he must have done something right because all of his children had gardens. When Joan, as a single woman, bought a house instead of a condo, her father asked why. Joan’s answer was because she needed to have a garden.

Of the variety of crops she grows, Joan geeks garlic most of all. Garlic cloves, planted in the fall, are simple to grow and almost problem free. Joan appreciates this because she keeps her gardens organic. After the top of the plant dies off at the end of summer, the garlic heads can be dug up. The largest cloves are saved for planting the next crop, and the rest are used in just about everything from soup and stew to scrambled eggs.

In addition to gardening, working as a physical therapist, serving as Secretary for the Manchester District Library Board of Trustees and traveling, Joan enjoys reading mysteries and historical fiction. Joan keeps lists of titles by her favorite authors and is working on reading everything they have written. Most of the authors are mystery writers (i.e. C.J. Box, Nevada Barr, Kathy Reichs, Robert Parker, etc.), but her all-time favorite reads are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

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