Amy Geeks Cheese

Amy Raus, Special Education Teacher, Dexter High School


According to Amy Raus, who geeks cheese, cheese is a staple and should be its own food group. Amy likes to have cheese and crackers together but insists there is no bad way to have cheese. Cabot Sharp White Cheddar is one her favorite varieties.

When it comes to libraries, Amy refers to them as both lost treasure and the best deal in town. Where else can one get DVDs, books, chat with friends, and be put in touch with absolutely everything? Amy recently borrowed Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by blogger Jenny Lawson but says that although she enjoyed it very much, her favorite thing to read is ever evolving. When not inspired by anything in particular, Amy counts on Kathy at the library circulation desk to recommend something new that she is sure to like.

The Manchester Geek the Library campaign portraits were taken by Mary Bortmas of Unforgettable Photos. See the set of released images at Flickr, and come back soon to check out the latest geek!


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  1. OMG we love that Amy loves our Sharp White Cheddar! This is so great! Thanks on behalf of our farm family owners for the Cabot love!

    Wendy / Cabot Cheese

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