Dr. Libby and Karma Geek Felines

Elizabeth Beaudoin, DMV, Manchester Veterinary Clinic


Dr. Libby and her friend Karma geek felines. Well, since she was a child, Dr. Libby has geeked canines and felines and wanted to be a small animal veterinarian. Her passion was even responsible for inspiring her husband, Dr. Art, to pursue veterinary medicine rather than zoology.

The Hackley Library in Muskegon, Michigan is remembered fondly by Dr. Libby when she talks about her childhood. She spent a great deal of time there, in the beautiful old building with its large staircase leading to the second floor children’s area, the murals, and the mystery of the adult section which was strictly off limits to children. She was, and still is, an avid reader. Dr. Libby’s best read ever is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. She read it with her mom as a child and relived that experience by reading it with her own daughter. It takes a great book to survive generations.

The Manchester District Library, Dr. Libby proclaims, is an awesome small town library. Where else can you go for so many things? Movies, music, computer use, internet access, tax forms, and endless information. Preferring paper books for some things, Dr. Libby borrows physical copies when planning a trip or researching gardening information. When reading for pleasure, she uses the more portable Download Destination for items that were likely recommended to her by clients.


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