Howard Geeks The Local History Room

Howard Parr, Manchester Area Senior Citizen Council

parr Howard Parr, proud to be a third generation Manchester resident, GEEKS the Local History Room at the Manchester District Library. To him, visiting the history room is a trip into the community attic.

It is no surprise that Howard majored in history at the University of Michigan and went on to teach the subject in South Lyon before serving in the military. Howard was raised on a local farm, and compiled memories of what that life was like including the necessary work for survival and the gradual transitioning to modern methods which included powered machinery and electricity. These memories are preserved in a book titled Farm Stories From Manchester Michigan: Life on our Farm 1915-1995 which is available to view in the Local History Room.

In addition to using the Local History Room, Howard uses the library computers and appreciates the ability for residents to borrow books. His own favorite author is David McCullough.


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