Dana geeks health

Dr. Dana Andrews, Andrews Family Chiropractic Center


At the age of five, Dana Andrews’ mother took him to a chiropractor in an effort to address tonsillitis. Not only did he feel better, but the young boy became hooked on the notion of wellness through chiropractic care. Dr. Dana, as he is known locally, geeks health, which he defines as optimal function of one’s body. He stresses that not all medicine is bad, but people need to be conscientious consumers of medicine and should take more active roles in managing and maintaining their own health. “Take care of your body, not your disease.”

Dr. Dana suggests that each of us view personal health like a bank account. If you want to do something such as eat a chocolate bar, a withdrawal from the health account occurs. In order to maintain your account, you need to make deposits which counter withdrawals.

At the library, one has the opportunity to study health and logical maintenance of health as opposed to simply seeking information on disease. All too often, patients lock themselves into a path by resigning themselves to the diagnosis of disease and researching that disease. Dr. Dana suggests the study what real health is. And because Dr. Dana believes we should all be more conscientious of the nutrient quality of food rather than taste alone, he recommends the title Food, Inc. which is available on DVD at the Manchester District Library.


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