Leader Geeks Cats

Leader, Great Dane


Leader geeks cats. His favorite cats are the barn cats at home. On a hot summer day, Leader will pick up his friends and carry them to the shade where they can comfortably rest together. His mom, Linda Dalton, reports that Leader also enjoys traveling about town by either paw or car. You might run into the big guy at the Manchester Feed Store, or Linda’s Diner where he can count on curbside service for a delicious helping of bacon or sausage.

In support of the Manchester District Library, Leader brought his mom to walk with him in Manchester’s 2012 Christmas in the Village Parade. Pictures from the parade can be found on the library’s Facebook page. And while not much of a reader, Leader does recognize the vital role a library plays in the lives of all those who take advantage of the many offerings a local library provides its community.


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