Julia geeks the Earth

Julia Strimer, Friends of the Library Member


The Native American saying, “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children,” is a favorite quote of Julia’s. She became passionate about our collective home while reading Henry David Thoreau during her middle school years. Walden inspired her respect for our world; to this day Julia seeks literature that reflects environmentalism. A frequent visitor to the Manchester District Library, Julia appreciates the support for Earth Day by public libraries and the opportunity afforded her by them to discover and meet authors who love our planet.

The Manchester Geek the Library campaign portraits were taken by Mary Bortmas of Unforgettable Photos. See the set of released images at Flickr, and come back soon to check out the latest geek!


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  1. patty swaney says:

    What a gorgeous earth day image.
    No one better to to hugging the earth than Julia!

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