Marlene Geeks Piano

Marlene Wagner, Manchester Community Schools Board of Education


Piano is a lifelong passion and geek for Marlene Wagner, who began taking lessons at the age of four. Marlene’s lessons were discontinued, but she had developed a foundation and love of the music and returned to the piano at the age of ten. During her school years Marlene was a piano accompanist for vocalists, and continued taking lessons through college. Marlene now plays for Manchester’s high school choir and musical performances.

To relax, Marlene enjoys pulling out some sheet music to play or just listening to a Cole Porter song while cooking. Manchester District Library offers a collection of CDs which patrons may borrow just as they do printed materials, and anyone interested in the works of Cole Porter should check out a copy of DeLovely, the biographical DVD of his works. Another enjoyment in Marlene’s life is reading. She chooses fiction, especially mysteries and classics; her all-time favorite book is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

The Manchester Geek the Library campaign portraits were taken by Mary Bortmas of Unforgettable Photos. See the set of released images at Flickr, and come back soon to check out the latest geek!


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