Amelia geeks Manchester

Amelia Woods, Manchester Area Friends and Manchester Village Council


When asked why she geeks Manchester, Amelia Woods responded that Manchester means home and family to her. She has been a resident for more than twenty years and made the choice to raise her own family in Manchester. Being able to walk anywhere in town, seeing familiar faces, and enjoying the feeling of home are just part of what make Manchester special.

Amelia supports the Manchester District Library because it is an integral part of our town. As a new mother, she took her children to story time and found this was an excellent opportunity to connect with other families. Amelia’s current favorite reads are children’s books with great illustrations and The Boxcar Children series which she enjoyed growing up and is revisiting now with her own children.

The Manchester Geek the Library campaign portraits were taken by Mary Bortmas of Unforgettable Photos. See the set of released images at Flickr, and come back soon to check out the latest geek!


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