Pete and Chuck Geek Cars

Pete Wolf and Chuck DuRussel, Wolf’s Westside Automotive

pete and chuckPete and Chuck of Wolf’s Westside Automotive GEEK cars. When asked, “What is your dream car?” Chuck, whose first vehicle was an ’84 Blazer in need of an engine, instantly responded, “an ’88 Monte Carlo SS. Black.” Pete, who began car ownership with a 1980 Honda Civic, wanted to know if he could only pick one. His ideal, it turns out, is a 1970 Trans Am, and he keeps a picture of one on his phone.

Spend some time in their shop and you will begin to suspect Pete and Chuck geek more than cars. With a friendly word for everyone, they spend their day working and having fun. They not only know their customers, they know the cars their customers drive. Chuck says they have a lot of good customers and Pete concurred. Some jobs are routine, but others require problem solving. They don’t just geek cars, they geek being part of the community.


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