Heather Geeks Gadgets

Heather Sturm, Director, Manchester District Library


I read my first ebook in 2000 on a tiny PDA. I remember being amazed at how quickly the book’s ‘container’ disappeared. When I caught myself getting teary during a sad scene, I realized that the story was equally powerful whether printed on paper or in dots on a screen.

The past few years have been an amazing time to witness the progression of technology. I now carry a computer in my pocket that’s more powerful than the computers that got me through college and grad school. I love my smartphone because I can carry all my music on it, read ebooks, use the GPS to get to meetings in unfamiliar places, and call friends and family. I even use it as my alarm clock.

Gadgets are great, but the story is still what matters. That’s why I love working in libraries, where people find and share and make stories every day. How we get the story may change over time, but our interest in connecting with other people through the power of storytelling never gets old.


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  1. Ginny Dzengeleski says:

    Well said, Ms. Heather!!

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