Lori geeks the Library

Lori Coburn, Friends of the Library


The Manchester Library Friends Group supports the library in many ways. Lori Coburn enjoys being active in this open group because of the positive impact it makes for the library. She GEEKS the Friends. This group runs an ongoing book sale and hosts monthly collections of books. Proceeds are used to fund library projects such as the Summer Reading Program which connects people of all ages to books and reading and can benefit anyone within the community.

Lori has also been a member of the library’s book group for twelve years. The group is open to everyone and meets monthly to discuss a book they collectively choose to read. Books are like friends, and being a part of the Friends group and the book club allows people to connect with authors and others who share the love of books.

When asked about her favorite book, Lori chose Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. She read it at age 14, before seeing the movie which she also loved. Did you know the original book cost $3 and weighed 2 ½ pounds?


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