geek of the week: Cherie Vannatter

Cherie Vannatter
Superintendent, Manchester Community Schools


Her journey began as a girl playing teacher with her younger brothers. Later, while working as a Teacher Consultant, Cherie Vannatter realized that she wanted to be an administrator because of the ability to impact a greater population.

By studying desired outcomes in higher education and the work place, Cherie visions backward to achieve her goals of providing an effective education ensuring opportunities and skills enabling students to achieve success beyond their years. This model has recently been used in several initiatives to bring technology and modern teaching practices to Manchester Community Schools.

Cherie adores libraries and has always been an avid reader. Fiction and non-fiction dealing with overcoming adversity, biographies, topics involving education, and children’s literature are her favorites. Harriet the Spy is at the top of the Cherie’s list. After reading Harriet as a child she would spy on neighbors, taking notes just like Harriet.


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