this week’s geek: Kristen Uthus

Kristen Uthus, PhD, Biology Professor, repeat Homemaker of the Year Winner


Biology is Kris’s geek. The intricacy of living systems (animals, plants, every living thing) has always been her passion. Biology is exciting, logical, and makes sense.

Kris uses the library for print books, audio books, and internet access. She also frequents the In Stitches group on Wednesday evenings. Her Homemaker of the Year awards have been won at theManchester Community Fair, where she enters terrific hand-knitted sweaters, among other things. Try walking through the library like Kris does next time you visit: glance at random titles and find all kinds of new things to geek.

See the full set of Geek the Library local portraits at Flickr and watch for new Geeks every week!


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