Notorious Nineteen on Nov. 20th!

The latest entry in one of the library’s most popular series will be released next Tuesday. Stephanie Plum, Lula, Ranger, and Morelli are back in Notorious Nineteen!

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Here are a few ways to keep busy:

  • Janet Evanovich is holding a holiday card contest! Send her a holiday card (she says “we don’t care which holiday” so it could be for Christmas, graduation, National Donut Day, etc.) and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a Bulgari Green shower gel gift set. One entry per person, drawing will be held on Dec. 31. Send your card to Evanovich Card Contest, PO Box 2829, Naples, FL 34106.
  • Meet Sofie Metropolis! The Sofie Metro series features a wise-cracking sleuth in the form of Sofie Metropolis. She’s a single girl raised in Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens) by a nosy Greek Orthodox family, and working as a PI for her uncle. Her first pro bono case – to find a missing dog for a neighbor – leads her into more danger than she ever could have imagined. The series is available in print at the library, and as digital audio books at Download Destination.
  • Or check out the Heather Wells series, written by the funny (and prolific) Meg Cabot. Heather Wells – former pop songstress and tabloid feature fodder – really does try to stay out of trouble while managing at the Residence Hall of a small New York university. The problem is, trouble finds her anyway! The series is available in print in the library and as ebooks at Download Destination.
  • If you’d rather watch a movie, you could pick up the movie adaptation of the first Stephanie Plum book, called One for the Money. Or you could try a variety of other films featuring funny, adventurous women and a hit of romance, like…

Last but not least, get your name on the wait list for Notorious Nineteen!


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