Family History

Annual holidays like Thanksgiving are traditionally spent with family. The Family History Guild encourages you to grab the opportunity this year to learn more about your family’s background!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Collect family recipes. Pass out blank recipe cards to family members and ask them to write down a recipe – the cranberry sauce recipe your aunt made up, the cake grandma makes for birthdays – the more unique or special to your family’s traditions, the better! Ask for the cook to share a sentence or two about where the recipe came from on the back of the card. If you want to take the extra step of sharing those recipes, there are lots of ways to do that. Sites like Blurb and Shutterfly make it easy to achieve professional results using templates, or you can use binders, page protectors, photo books and scrapbooking supplies to create your own.

Participate in the National Day of Listening on Nov. 23 (the day after Thanksgiving). Collecting your family’s stories can be as easy as starting with one question – go to the NDL web site for more information.

Create a gallery. In the age of digital cameras and photo frames, printed photos are increasingly rare. Ask everyone attending Thanksgiving dinner to bring  a few photos they want to share — old or new. Older photos could be scanned and shared with family members after the holiday ends. Check out this article at Digitwirl for tips on digitizing your photos.


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