Nook owners celebrate!

Excellent news for our library patrons with Nook devices (the Tablet, Color, and new HD) — you can now download an OverDrive app that allows you to search for, check out, and read library ebooks all on your device. In the past Barnes & Noble made you download library ebooks on a computer and transfer them to your Nook using a cable. But no longer! The new app lets you do it all on your Nook.

To learn more about the new OverDrive app for Nook owners, go to the OverDrive blog.

And if you download and use it, would you do us a favor? Come in and show us how it works! We’ve seen the OverDrive app on iPads and a few Android tablets, but we’d love to see how it looks and works on the Nooks, too.

Happy reading! For more information about the library’s ebook collection, visit Download Destination.


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