a pretty day for a drive

Well. Road construction is keeping things interesting at the library this week!

Traffic is still allowed to go north on Hibbard St. (into town), but they’re blocking traffic south on Hibbard (out to Austin Rd.). They’re not allowing left-hand turns from drivers going west on City Rd., either. Confusing!!! We were told it will be a few days until traffic goes both ways again – they’re redoing that entire intersection.

The workers have been very understanding today — almost everyone who’s arrived today made an ‘illegal’ turn of some sort to get here. However, that’s probably not the safest way to do it, especially when there’s big machinery working at the end of the street.

The official re-route is as follows:

Head east out of town on Duncan St., take a right on Neal Rd., and then a right on Austin Rd. After crossing the bridge with the light, take a right on Hibbard St., and don’t forget to pull into the library parking lot (we recommend the back lot) when you get here.

For a map, click herehttp://goo.gl/maps/Zy3eD

We apologize for the inconvenience — we’re all crossing our fingers and hoping that this part will be over quickly. Until then, if you’d like us to renew items, send items home for you with a friend, or put your holds on “vacation”, please call! We’ll do whatever we can to make the inconveniences a little less inconvenient.

Thanks for your patience!


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