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Did you know that only 2 of the “Big 6” publishers will sell ebooks to libraries?

It’s true! The other publishers refuse to sell libraries ebooks under any circumstances. Of the two that do sell ebooks to libraries, one company places restrictions on total circulations per copy, while the other recently hiked their prices (for most books, the price tripled). If you’ve ever wanted to borrow an ebook only to find it’s not there — or had to wait on a hold list for several weeks — you understand how frustrating library ebook access can be.

And that’s before you go through the process of checking out, downloading, and transferring the book to your reader.

Visit the ebooks for libraries site to sign a petition asking publishers to keep ebooks available in libraries.



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3 Responses to a message about ebooks

  1. Janice says:

    How does one purchase ebooks to donate for library use?

    • Janice says:

      Actually, I just realized this was a stupid question. I partially missed the point — it’s not just libraries who can’t buy ebooks, but the general public can’t donate them, either. Well dang!!

      But, I suggest you visit Baen Books. They’ve always had the policy that they’d sell ebooks without DRM and available in as many formats as they can muster. They encourage you to share their books and they offer a lot of quality free ebooks, too, because, if you found you liked the author’s free ebook your more likely to buy another book by that author. They have also found that by offering a free book it would become a top in-store seller in subsequent months because of word of mouth. Baen Books only downside is that they’re pretty much a sci-fi bookseller. There’s not much variety.

  2. Janice – thank you for both the idea of donating for an ebook and for the lead to Baen Books. I’ll look into Baen Books and see if it’s possible to add them to our current setup. Perhaps we could have a donation fund just for ebooks, and use those funds to purchase additional copies of popular titles? Both great ideas. Thank you!

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