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Last winter, the new Nook Tablet got a lot of press. There were a lot of articles about how it was a nice, affordable, Android-based tablet, allowing users to download and install apps for a variety of things. Library staff assumed that meant that library patrons would be able to download the OverDrive Media Console app to read library ebooks. The OMC app is pretty slick — combined with an internet browser, it allows you to download and read your ebooks on one device. No computer necessary.

Unfortunately, in helping a couple of new Nook Tablet owners troubleshoot their readers, we discovered that that’s not the case. So far Barnes & Noble doesn’t allow the OMC app to be installed on Nooks through their app store (if you’re into rooting your device, that’s another thing).

What that means for library users is that you still have to side-load your library ebooks to your Nook Tablet. Follow the steps in the Nook Help Guide to access library ebooks at the OverDrive web site (, download them on your computer, then use Adobe Digital Editions to move them from your computer to the Nook.

Hopefully the Nook developers at Barnes & Noble will eventually make OverDrive Media Console available through their app store — Nook owners have been asking for it, and in the big picture it makes good business sense to help readers discover and connect with new books and authors, regardless of the interface.

In the meanwhile, if you run into trouble finding or downloading library ebooks, give us a call. We’re glad to help!


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