making end-of-year donations to the library

Over the past three years, the library has come to rely more and more on the generosity of the Friends group, local service organizations, and individual donors to carry its mission forward. Falling property values mean the library’s income is dropping, so donations are used to help build the collection and support popular programs like summer reading.

Donations can be designated for programs or collections (for example, “summer reading” or “children’s books”). The library can also acknowledge donations by placing book plates in books, audio books, or DVDs purchased with funds donated in someone’s memory.

As the year winds down, remember that through the end of 2011 donations to the library may be tax deductible from your state taxes. However, beginning Jan. 1, 2012, donations to the library will no longer be deductible from Michigan state taxes; they may still be deductible from federal taxes (please check with your tax consultant).

For more information about donating to the library (or to make a donation), contact library director Heather Sturm at 734-428-8045 x202, by email at hsturm (at), or by snail mail at PO Box 540, Manchester, MI, 48158.

Thank you for making it possible for the library to continue providing the many excellent services its users have come to expect and appreciate.


About Heather Sturm

Director at Manchester District Library
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