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a candy bouquet!

The winner of the survey drawing received this fun little candy bouquet. Thanks for participating!

The library designed its first customer survey this summer to gather information about how the library is doing filling the needs of its patrons.

Survey respondents were asked to think specifically about their most recent trip to the library — whether they used a computer (and if so, whether they had to wait), if the book they wanted was on the shelf, if someone greeted them when they arrived. But there were also a couple of questions towards the end that asked for more general opinions, and of course there was an open-response area for other comments.

Responses indicate that the library is mostly meeting its users needs. For example, 80% of the survey respondents said they were very satisfied with library service, and another 18% said they were satisfied.

Of course there’s always room for improvement, and the library staff and Board will take comments and lower-scoring areas into account in planning for the future.

The survey will be offered again next summer to see if there are any major changes or opportunities for improvement. For now, you can see the full results of this year’s survey here:

Library Service Survey Report


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