federal student aid information

Planning how to pay for college? Whether you’re a student or a parent, here are some sites that you should be familiar with as you begin the process of applying:

  • www.edpubs.gov is the ordering site that students and parents should visit to order single copies of hard-copy publications (brochures, application forms, etc.)
  • www.studentaid.ed.gov/pubs offers student- and parent-oriented publications in a download-friendly PDF format. There are a number of publications available in PDF format that are not available in hard copy from ED Pubs. Be sure to visit this site for a wide variety of fact sheets and forms.
  • www.fafsa.ed.gov is the starting point for all student financial aid requests and determinations. You can safely fill out the form online for free. Be careful to make sure you’re using the government site, though. There are companies and private enterprises who may try to sell you a FAFSA filing service, or try to capture your information so they can market their own school loan products to your family. The official FAFSA site is owned by the Department of Education, and that contact information should be on the main page.

The library has a variety of scholarship and student aid books in its collection, most of them updated every year or two so that they’re current. Search the catalog for “student aid” to get a list of titles.


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