OverDrive eBook tips

eBook checkouts rocketed up 41% in the two weeks after Christmas – go e-readers!

Here are a few tips for OverDrive ebook users:

1) To browse a list of currently available eBooks, click “Advanced Search” in the search bar. Select “All eBooks” under Format, and click “Only show titles with copies available” before you click “Search.” The last time I did this I got 300 titles.

2) To see what’s new in eBooks, click “View All eBooks” (you can also choose Fiction, Non-Fiction, or other sub-categories from the left-hand menu bar). Then sort by clicking “Release Date” to get the newest titles. If you sort by “date added to site” you’ll get new books and the older books we’re adding to round out the collection.

3) If something you want to read isn’t available right that moment, place a hold on it! You’ll get an email when it becomes available, and you’ll have three days to log in and download it. Also, the selection committee looks at the number of holds for an item when they’re trying to decide which titles need additional copies. Your hold might tip us into ordering another copy and shorten the wait time.

4) Have a suggestion for a book or series to add to the collection? Use the form below to let me know. I’ll forward suggestions to the selection committee, who’s done a great job of filling in older titles and series as well as adding newly-published material.

5) eBooks can be read on any of the compatible devices listed at OverDrive. Users with smart phones and iPod/iPad devices can read OverDrive ebooks using the newly-updated OverDrive Media Console app. I loaded it on my Android phone and it works well.

Let us know if you have any questions or other feedback related to eBooks at OverDrive!


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