e-books at the library? absolutely!

Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle by Librarian By Day on Flickr

If you’ve ever had even half a thought that you might buy an e-book reader some day, well, I bet you’re out shopping for one right now.

Falling prices (Amazon’s Kindle is down to $189!) and tons of new devices to consider (the new Borders Kobo is a good one) means there’s something in the news almost daily about e-readers.

And since the library provides access to e-books through OverDrive — and because this librarian is kind of a tech geek  — I’ve been keeping tabs on the e-reader world.

full disclosure: I’ve owned a Kindle for a few years now. I really (really!) want to nab a new Nook. I’ve downloaded an e-book or two from OverDrive to my laptop while I’m lazing around at home. And I just installed the Kindle App on my smartphone so I can read books on it, too. Several years ago when PDAs were the thing, you could’ve caught me reading M.C. Beaton on my little Handspring.

I imagine you think a librarian who’s surrounded by paper all day might prefer the printed (on paper) word, but… no. Not necessarily. And I’m not alone! We know lots of library users who own e-readers and smart phones and tablets, and many others who are curious about all these gadgets and testing the waters, ready to leap in.

Where are you in the e-book journey? Do you already have an e-reader? Do you want one, but have questions? Are you sticking with paper for now but still curious? Do you want to know whether you can download OverDrive books to your Kindle? Would you like to know just what the heck e-books ARE and why we’re all so excited about them?

Let me know (hsturm (at) manchesterlibrary.info or 734-428-8045 x202) — I’m planning an evening about e-books for late July so that we can all get together to talk about (and take a look at, I hope) several different options for those of you who are seriously considering purchasing a reader in the near future.

And if you own an e-reader already, give me a shout  — I’d love to hear about your experience!


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