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Staff cannot take book donations during normal library hours. We used to do so, only to be overwhelmed with the generous donations of our users. We cannot use every item donated, and not every item in a book sale will sell. That means that donations must be sorted, shelved, carried to car trunks, driven to recycling… The library has very limited storage space and our staff is already quite busy. We’ve learned through experience that we cannot manage the influx of donated materials on a day-to-day basis.


Thankfully, the Friends of the Library have stepped in to help! They take donations of books, audio books, and movies in good used condition on the third Saturday of the month in the Village Room. Volunteers immediately sort the donations, save the best for the on-going Friends book sale, and then recycle or discard the remaining materials. Proceeds from the on-going book sale are used to help support library programs and collections. And if you’d like to help, the Friends are always looking for volunteers!


We apologize for the inconvenience of having to hold onto your items until Donation Day rolls around. Those dates are listed on the library’s event calendar for your convenience. If it’s just not possible to wait, please consider donating to Worth Repeating on Main St. Worth Repeating is a not-for-profit resale shop run by volunteers and all proceeds are used to help local families.


Thank you so much for your generosity and understanding. We love books as much as you do, but our resources are limited, and this is the best, most efficient way we’ve found to make use of the donations our community is kind enough to bring to us.


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