The Mighty Queens of Freeville

mighty-queens-of-freevilleYou’ve probably seen her advice column at least once. Ask Amy runs in papers all over the nation, and author Amy Dickinson has now written a book that tries to explain how she’s earned the right to advise people. She’s not a counselor or a physician. Mostly, she says, she doesn’t want her readers to make the same mistakes she has.

Her book, The Mighty Queens of Freeville, looks like a great read. I scanned through it when it arrived and had to force myself to put it down so it could be processed. Her life in a small NY town as the child of a single parent, then as a single parent herself, had its problems. But there were always good things to outweigh the bad. In an interview at NPR she said “There’s a lot of prevailing in my family. When I think about what’s going on right now in the economy, we live in a cynical age, but we really need one another right now. We need to remember or learn to just keep going. That’s something the women in my life really excelled at. They just prevailed.”

Dickinson’s columns feature answers and advice notable for their compassion and common sense, and her book is written in the same warm voice.

You can read an excerpt here, and place a hold on the book here.


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