almost finished

The past few weeks have been very busy for staff and the volunteers who’ve been here to help us.

As of today, the carpet installation is finished, the new shelves are all installed, and the reorganization of existing shelves is finished. This means all of our collections are back in place, from kids movies to adult non-fiction.

Still to be done:

  • Furniture (some is on order, some to be purchased at Ikea)
  • Divider wall for Local History (the millwork contractor is rethinking how to install it)
  • Sign installation (our sign contractor was delayed until after the holidays)
  • Getting computer wiring straightened out

Thankfully, none of these tasks will require that we be closed for safety/staffing reasons. We’re back to our normal hours, with the small exception of being closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. Thank you for your patience in working around the closings for remodeling. We were able to use those days to focus on finishing moving-related tasks, and got a lot of book shifting done.
We’re also working on a Grand Reopening celebration to take place in January. Keep an eye out for your invitation!


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