Kids’ space taking shape

A lot can happen in just a day! After a generous crew of volunteers helped move our collection of children’s books onto giant rolling carts on Friday, everything was in place for the carpet installers to work their magic.

First, a crew came in to move the shelving:

Next, the installers pulled up the old carpet and prepared to lay the new — saving what was still usable to use for replacements in other areas of the building. The carpet downstairs, however, is a little different than the carpet upstairs:

The installers measured carefully and put the grey carpet down all around where the inset for the juvenile area was to go. Next, they cut the inset to match the space. Finally, they pressed it all down and began to install the new navy-blue baseboards.

The kids’ area will be back in business before long! Hidden behind the shelving is the new game computer table, sporting two more computers than we had before the remodeling. Yay!

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