fresh paint

The painter is here this week, working on touching up the paint on the second floor.

He’ll also be responsible for painting the outside of the mezzanine wall – currently sage green, it will be painted a deep, midnight blue to coordinate with our new carpeting.

Tomorrow the mill work contractor arrives with fresh new countertops for the 2nd floor and two offices, as well as all the custom cabinetry for the Local History room. Much of the Local History collection is fragile and/or rare, and it’s better for photos and the like to be stored in a dark place, so it’s going behind closed doors.

At the end of the week we have to put our Young Adult collection into boxes. Over the weekend and early next week the shelves at the far end of the main floor (where the YA books are now) will be moved out so that the new carpeting can be laid. New carpet goes in upstairs next week, too.  The YA collection will have to stay in storage during the week of Thanksgiving, so if you’d like to grab something for holiday reading, come in now and pick out a few books!

The work on Hibbard is mostly finished, and we’ve had no trouble accessing either parking lot during the past couple of days. So feel free to drop in!


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