the new teen spot

Ah, the old purple YA room.

It wasn’t that old, actually. But in the move to a more open 2nd level, it’s being redone.

We started off calling it the Young Adult room, or YA room for short. That’s where the YA fiction collection was housed, and we painted it bright purple (for attitude) and found some fun purple chairs. We had a couple of study tables in there, too. Just in case someone wanted to study.

The purple will be going away, but the attitude, we hope, will remain. The YA room will officially be the “Teen Spot” after remodeling. There will be more shelving, giving us enough space to add teen-interest non-fiction to the existing books, audio books, magazines, and graphic novels.

The study tables will be back. But the purple chairs will be replaced by…FatBoy original

massive bean bags! This is called the FatBoy Original. Each one is about 6 feet tall when stretched out, and squashes down to act as a sort of free-form lounge chair.

Our intrepid interior designer, Molly Osler, found these for us. They’re available in a variety of colors, and we hope they help make the new Teen Spot a welcoming space. We’re adding four of them, in four different colors.

That’s a lot of lounging. And while I’m sure our patrons will enjoy them, the Director might too. My office is conveniently located just steps from the Teen Spot and those comfy beanbags. Looks like a great spot to peruse my review journals!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    My preschooler loved those old purple chairs — any chance they’re going up for sale?

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